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GovAssist is continuously striving to be one of the largest and leading providers of Visa Processing and Travel Concierge Services in the world. GovAssist has been assisting thousands of clients each year, to ensure all of their travel documentation needs are addressed for hassle-free travel anywhere.

We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for travel documentation needs; in a single visit to one of ours or our partner’s websites, our clients receive all of the specialty travel documents, and destination-specific guidance that is required by their specific trip itinerary.

Our traveling clients clearly have need of various travel documents, namely visas, to lawfully cross their destination country’s borders. In an effort to offer ever more concierge-style services and fully take care of all our client needs, GovAssist recruited top travel document experts across the Globe to create an in house team of visa specialists. GovAssist was thus born with a commitment to serving as the simplest way for our clients to obtain all of the travel documents they need. Now, we are proud to offer not only first-class document processing services but also first class travel concierge service.

Our network of specialized agents allows us to expedite the visa and electronic travel authorization permit process for our clients. We eliminate the need to wait weeks or even months to gather the documents and meet the requirements needed to receive your visa, and we handle all of the confusing paperwork for you. Whether you need a new visa, renew your visa, sponsor a family member or an employee, or obtain an electronic travel authorization; GovAssist’s travel document processing services will help you get the documents you need as efficiently as possible.

GovAssist’s travel document processing service has the tools, expertise, and global network necessary to provide the highest quality travel document experience and streamline your process of receiving all documents and soon, “legalizations” required for travel overseas.

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